We are Kognitiv Spark

Empowering the industrial workforce to achieve more, operate with confidence, and solve any problem quickly, safely, and accurately.

Leaders in Industrial Augmented Reality Software

Empowering industrial workers to achieve more through mixed and augmented reality, the team at Kognitiv Spark believe in human potential and that with the power of technology, everyday people can achieve extraordinary things. 

Kognitiv Spark is a global leader in secure, reliable and effective industrial AR task support software. Built for the Microsoft HoloLens, Kognitiv Spark uses proprietary software technology to deliver a premium, mixed and augmented reality solution for maintenance, repair, and remote support.  

Meet RemoteSpark. Since its inception, every feature of the mixed and augmented reality platform has been meticulously designed with the end-user in mind. This makes RemoteSpark an intuitive, effective and scalable solution for industrial clients around the world.

Kognitiv Spark provides workers with the intelligence and support they need to get the job done quickly, effectively, and accurately.

Kognitiv Spark is led by a team with deep expertise in cybersecurity, mixed and augmented reality, aerospace and defence, industrial engineering, and the energy and utilities sector.

Discover why industrial organizations are partnering with Kognitiv Spark to move beyond cumbersome 2D screens, paper manuals, and ineffective remote guidance tools and into practical, industrial augmented and mixed reality solutions. See how RemoteSpark is changing how enterprise companies provide support to field service workers, technicians, and operators.

Kognitiv Spark has received accreditations and awards from organizations such as NATO, Microsoft, and the Atlantic Canadian Aerospace and Defence Association.

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