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RemoteSpark, the industrial remote support tool

RemoteSpark is a low-bandwidth, highly-secure, augmented reality platform that connects remote technicians to subject matter experts. Solve problems quickly and keep operations flowing.

Security and Reliability

In use by the likes of the Royal Canadian Navy, RemoteSpark boasts military-grade security infrastructure. Remote assistance calls can operate effectively in internet bandwidth conditions as poor as 256kbps, allowing for effective operation from a mobile hotspot.

Reduce Equipment Downtime

Remote workers perform maintenance and repairs like experts. Tasks are completed 90% more accurately with augmented reality support calls.

Reduce Expert Travel

When equipment requires repair or inspection, subject matter experts can guide remote workers through tasks via shared audio, see-what-I-see video, and supporting holograms, without ever leaving the office.

Facilitate Knowledge Transfer

The industrial skills gap is growing. With every RemoteSpark call, a remote technician receives one-on-one guidance from a subject matter expert on how to complete a complex or new task. Augmented reality for remote support increases learning retention by 75%.

A remote support tool you can count on.

Industry solutions

Discover how RemoteSpark is used in your industry to increase productivity, support remote technicians, and reduce costly unplanned downtime and travel.

Our commitment to security

At Kognitiv Spark, security isn’t an afterthought, it’s the cornerstone of everything we build and everything we do. Learn more about our military-grade security infrastructure.


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The market’s most reliable and secure remote support tool leveraging augmented reality is currently in use across the globe. Find out how RemoteSpark can help your organization, today.

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