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About Kognitiv Spark

Kognitiv Spark is a global leader in industrial augmented reality task support software. Partnered with leading hardware providers, the company uses mixed and augmented reality to deliver holographic industrial worker support with interactive 3D content, artificial intelligence, and live IoT data.

Kognitiv Spark’s mission is to empower workers to achieve more operational productivity, primarily in industrial engineering, aerospace and defence, and the energy sectors. The team at Kognitiv Spark believe in human potential and that with the power of technology, everyday people can achieve extraordinary things.

Company Background

Since 2016, Kognitiv Spark has worked closely with global partners to guide industrial augmented reality solution development, with a focus user-centered design and application. Led by an executive team with deep expertise in cybersecurity, oil & gas, industrial engineering, and aerospace & defense, Kognitiv Spark delivers robust and integrated solutions that surpass advanced performance and security requirements.

Kognitiv Spark was founded by Ryan Groom, an accomplished cybersecurity specialist and gifted developer, and Duncan McSporran, a former military officer who served in various leadership roles in the British Army.

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About RemoteSpark

The market’s most secure, reliable and effective industrial augmented reality worker support solution, RemoteSpark is a communication platform designed for the Microsoft HoloLens. This Industrial AR solution brings expert support to field workers, without the need for experts to travel onsite to make repairs. This effectively minimizes equipment downtime, increases task comprehension, and eliminates expert travel costs. Download the RemoteSpark Brochure and Spec Sheet to learn more.

IoT Enabled

Extend Your IoT Investment to Your Field Workers

RemoteSpark can integrate your organization's live-sensor data and render it on a hologram to inform your field workers of key metrics in real-time. Make complex data meaningful and immediately actionable in the hands of your workers.

Drag and Drop Functionality

Send Support Content Quickly

Experts can drag and drop in relevant content, including MS Office documents, that convert to 3D content in the worker's field of view. Convert CAD files into 3D holograms. 3D support content has been proven to reduce a worker"s mental task load, and improve learning retention and task comprehension.

AI Object Recognition

Artificial Intelligence to Improve Situational Awareness

Leverage Artificial Intelligence to recognize objects and equipment. After recognizing an object, RemoteSpark can import relevant data, documents, and support content into a call or during solo use.



RemoteSpark is the only Industrial AR solution that’s built on a custom engine and not a video game engine. This allows for military-grade security features like TLS encryption, digital rights management time stamping, and data and communication encryption - whether in use or at rest.

ERP Intergration

Connect to Existing Systems and Software

RemoteSpark can integrate with any enterprise systems and software to deliver the entire organization's intelligence to the field worker, when they need it most.

Interactive 3D Holograms

Step-by-Step Visuals

3D interactive holograms can be rotated, re-arranged, or scaled up and down using simple hand gestures and intuitive voice commands, keeping them heads-up and hands-free. Animated holograms facilitate easy-to-comprehend, step-by-step repair instructions.

Logos and Images

Kognitiv Spark Team Member Using RemoteSpark on the Microsoft HoloLens
The Canadian Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, Navdeep Bains Receives Demo
RemoteSpark in Use
Canadian Minister of National Defence, Harjit Sajjan Shakes Hands with CEO Yan Simard during visit
A Technician Inspects a Turbine
Kognitiv Spark Team Member Using RemoteSpark on the Microsoft HoloLens
VP of Energy and Industrial Engineering, Rodney McAffee Gives a RemoteSpark Demo
CMO Vanessa Matthews using RemoteSpark on the Microsoft HoloLens
RemoteSpark in Use
A View of the RemoteSpark Expert Panel

Leadership Headshots

Yan Simard CEO
Ryan Groom Co-Founder, CTO,
Duncan McSporran Co-Founder, COO, VP of Aerospace and Defence
Vanessa Matthews CMO
Rodney McAffee VP of Energy and Industrial Engineering


Awards and Recognition

Microsoft Impact Award
Innovation with Hardware
Las Vegas, USA, July 2018
Atlantic Canada Aerospace and Defence Association Industry Excellence Award
Most Promising Start-up or Business Diversification
Halifax, Canada, Oct. 2018
NATO Defence Innovation Challenge
Mobile Apps for Defence Users
Berlin, Germany, April 2018
Recognized by Microsoft under the Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP)
Recipients of Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) Certification
Recipients of Gold Status for Cloud Platform Competency from Microsoft