Sparking a new wave of visualization, collaboration & connectivity

Developing next generation holographic Mixed & Augmented Reality tools that connect your team virtually to bring unparalleled worker support and task assistance across the globe


Kognitiv Spark is changing the way organizations share information and expertise between support centres and workers on the jobsite. By creating new holographic visualization, collaboration & connectivity tools powered by the Microsoft HoloLens, Kognitiv Spark is shaping the workplace of the future in a more visual and interactive way.


Our team brings a wealth of experience in IT, cyber security, military and industrial training systems, 3D modeling and graphic creation, and project management to the industrial Augmented and Mixed Reality sector. Even if our applications are stunning to the eye, we’re much more than just a display developer or video game graphics studio; Kognitiv Spark specializes in complete systems development and computational workflow enhancement.

Find out why companies are partnering with Kognitiv Spark to move beyond 2D screens and into the realm of immersive AR & Mixed Reality. See how RemoteSpark is on track to change how companies provide task support to technicians and operators.

Our Team